10 Fun Bean Projects for Kids

Beans are wonderful little creative nuggets that are durable, lasting, and have plenty of color variations making them a great material for crafting. They shouldn’t just be made into plain mosaic art pieces. There are more things you can do with them, and there are tons of ideas out there that use beans for special and useful creations. We’ve collected 10 of the best ones, fantastic projects to do for rainy and snowy days.

Dyed Beans in an Upcycled CD Case

If you have a bunch of CD cases lying around somewhere, bring them to life while giving your children hours of fun. This upscaled version of a regular bean mosaic can totally be used as a coaster or a lovely decor piece!

From Crafting a Green World

Halloween Wreaths from Beans

Create ghostly house wreaths for this spooky holiday using beans and paper plates, and hang your kids’ masterpieces on your doors or just about anywhere around the house.

From No Time for Flash Cards

Jelly Bean Jewelry

Technically, they’re not actual beans, but they are easy to thread and are super festive with their bright colors. The best thing about this project is that it’s edible, so it’ll definitely win over your toddler’s heart!

From Marla Meridith

Growing Seeds

You won’t need an entire backyard for this one because you can basically plant beans anywhere: in a cup, a used CD case, or even a Ziploc bag. Kids will not only have fun with the planting, they’ll also learn some ‘sciency’ stuff, too.

From Playdough to Plato

Bean Sculptures

Go artistic with beans’ and seeds’ natural shapes. Use them to sculpt animals, insects and just about anything. All you need are the seeds and glue, and you’re ready to go!

From Filth Wizardry

DIY Bird Seed Feeders

Involve your kids in this special project for our flying friends. This bird feeder doesn’t need a lot of work, so it’s great for very young crafters. Enjoy mixing and setting beans and seeds into cute tiny shapes!

From Plain Vanilla

Toddler Seed Pod Stamping

Pandanus seed pods and big seeds like acorns and pumpkin seeds are perfect printing craft tools. It can be a special game for remembering patterns and shapes. Plus the prints can be framed or used in other projects.

From The Empowered Educator

Alphabet Beans Matching Game

Try painting beans and putting letters on them. This awesome idea starts out as a craft project that turns into a pattern matching game that can be built up into fun literacy activities like word building and spelling.

From The Imagination Tree

DIY Maracas

Forget buying toy Maracas – build a couple of your own by recycling last season’s plastic Easter eggs and filling them with beans. This is ideal for birthday parties or just for keeping the youngsters occupied during rainy days.

From Oriental Trading

Bean and Seed DIY Frame

And lastly, revamp your old picture frames and keep them with their new look or send them off as gifts. This nifty project only needs beans, seeds, white glue and your kids’ creative little hands to get it going.

From Love the Country

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