Simple yet Useful Sewing Projects for Kids

Sewing is one of the best things your kids can do at home. It saves them from boredom by giving them something to work on, especially on days that they have to stay indoors. It may not be a ‘survival’ skill, but teaching kids to sew gives them a chance to practice following directions, focus and creativity without making them feel like they’re in school. In this list, we’ve collected easy projects that have obvious uses, so you can come back every time and make more of them.

Ice Skate Bookmarks

Start your child’s sewing adventures with these cute bookmarks from They only need hand stitching which make them perfect for your little beginners. These bookmarks may encourage reading. Either way, it’s a definite must-try.

Heart Keyring

These felt keyrings from Red Ted Art are amazing to have around when you keep losing those darn keys. They’re quick and easy to make with just a few strokes of hand stitches, so kids can totally make a bagful!

Shamrock Bracelet

Handy Crafts and Creations’ lovely accessory is another felt project that your kids will absolutely love making. Go with a spritely Saint Patrick’s Day theme, or make them choose their preferred color combinations. Then, let them rock it out as part of their adorable outfits.

Spring Infinity Scarf

This sewing project from Kitchen Counter Chronicles is for kids who are a wee bit older – the ones who are just aching to get their hands on a sewing machine. The scarf itself is great fun to make. The best part is that they can wear it anywhere to match what they’re wearing.

Reversible Fabric Headband

This flaunty hair accessory is totally handy if your little girl feels like switching up her style. You only need two kinds of fabric and a rubber, and you’re set to go. And, why stop there? Have a matching one in your size to make everything extra special. Learn more about this project from Alice and Lois.

Pencil Case

Whether you’re prepping your kids for school or just want to organize cluttered pencils and crayons, this project from Living Well Mom helps your kids keep school materials into cute cases. Sure buying them is easier, but making these are way cheaper, not to mention more fun.

Easy Apron

Aprons are quite simple to sew. And, if your kids love the kitchen as much as you do, help them make this project. This tutorial from Creative Green Living comes with a free pattern. So, get those needles and threads ready, and start stitching!

Drawstring Bag

If your kids have pretty much mastered the basics, get them started on more complex creations like this one. Make and Takes’ tutorial on this charming, everyday, drawstring bag is super easy to follow. The bag is fantastic for little snacks and what-nots your children carry around all the time.

DIY Pillow Mats

Probably, one of the most ingenious sewing projects in the internet, this mat from Inspired by Familia will easily be a favorite. The project isn’t that complicated since your kids will be working with premade pillows. All they have to do is connect them together and enjoy lounging around during summer comfortably.

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