8 Amazing Recipes for Winter Themed Parties

The spotless beauty of winter sceneries and the simple charms of the winter season itself make it very loveable despite the harsh weather it brings. For us and many more people, however, we like to take this love into a ‘party-theme’ level. Cue in Winter Wonderland weddings, birthdays and other parties. They’ve been more popular these days. So if you’re ever planning to have one, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered some of the best recipes whose owners thought outside the conventional winter-laced fondant cupcakes.

Cream Cheese Olive Penguins

When there’s snow, there are winter animals like penguins! Now appetizers don’t have to be “boring” anymore. Shape carrots, olives and cream cheese into these adorable Antarctic birds. Both kids and adults will absolutely love them!

From Zoom Yummy

Snow White Popcorn Treats

Regular popcorn can have a spectacular snowy twist using marshmallows and melty white chocolate! The three ingredients work very well together, sweet and salty and gooey and crispy. Serve them in light blue cupcake liners for that extra “frosty” look.

From Life and Kitchen

Snowman Pizza

Of course, winter themed parties must always have something with snowmen in them. And, what better way to sculpt the lovable snow figure than with pizza? It’s not expensive, and it goes great with a boatload of toppings. After all, is there anyone who doesn’t like pizza?

From She Knows’ Chef Mom

Chicken Finger Sandwiches

It might not look like it fits the “frozen” theme, but it’s virtually pure white appearance, with the fluffy white bread, tender white chicken meat and mayo, make it an excellent and scrumptious candidate for snow-themed festivities.

From Taste.com

Mini Snowflake Quesadillas

These bit-sized tortillas are one of the best alternatives to potato chips, and they’re perfect for creating all kinds of shapes. Turn a bunch into snowflakes, and top each one with cheese and sour cream. Spread them on a table, and basically watch them disappear… fast!

From She Knows’ Chef Mom

White Hot Chocolate

For drinks, stick to the classics. Hot chocolate is a delectable reminder to the best times of every winter season. But for your winter wonderland needs, serve the white chocolate version of this well-loved beverage, and mix in a little bit of buttermilk for a subtle tang. Finally, add some sprinkles for a touch of color.

From Love and Oil

Snowball Cake

A party isn’t exactly a party without cake. But, you shouldn’t just bake any old cake. In fact, you don’t need to bake anything! For a highly enjoyable snow-inspired dessert, this recipe takes the cake! (pun intended). It’s a no-bake dessert that’s best served chilled, smothered in whipping cream and mixed with pineapple and coconut. We’re pretty sure young and old alike will love it.

From Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Blue Party Punch with Snow

Forget orange juice and milk, another party refreshment you can try is this Frozen-themed punch. It’s a mix of blue Hawaiian punch, pineapple juice and vanilla ice cream. With its nice sweet-sour taste and floating thick vanilla ice cream – clearly, it’s already been spiked!

From Comfy in the Kitchen

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