Clever DIY Storage Projects for your Kids’ Rooms

When you have kids, it’s practically a given that things will get messy around the house. However adorable our little bundles of joy are, they do tend to leave toys and other things they get their hands on anywhere.

The best way to get things in order is to buy storage units where they can keep their stuff after every use. But those things are often expensive, so we’ve collected these totally ingenious projects for you to keep everything organized without breaking your bank.

Shirt Pocket Quilt

Sew old shirts together, and turn them into this handy giant quilt. You can keep anything in there, from stuffed animals to crayons to small toy soldiers. It only covers the wall, so you won’t be using valuable floor space. You can also make a quilt that matches your kid’s room.

From Martha Stewart

Animal Jars

Slime, play dough, tiny plastic accessories for Barbie and Legos are only some of the tinier toys that will clutter up a room and eventually get lost somewhere. Instead of keeping them in one place, organize them into clear jars. Assign each toy into its own animal jar, so they’ll be easy to spot, not to mention lovely to look at.

From A Bubbly Life

Wooden Crate Storage and Display for Toy Cars

Your little boy’s hot wheels and matchbox cars don’t just get messy. When left lying around, they can hurt somebody! This brilliant ‘parking space’ not only saves your house from clutter, boys can play with it like it’s their toy cars’ multi-storey parking building.

From Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Kids Art Board

Your fridge only has so much space on it. So, try this cute art board from used wood. Assign a panel for each child to hold a bunch of drawings, so everyone will get a shot of showing off their art.

From Little Birdie Secrets

Clear Toy Storage Bags

If your kids have a lot of pint-size toy soldiers and cooking sets that get lost every now and then, stock them inside these bags for safekeeping. Unlike other storage bags, these are made from clear vinyl. You can totally see what’s inside, so you won’t have to open them up to remember what’s inside or pour all the contents out just to find a single toy.

From Make It & Love It

Wall Hanging Stuffed Animal Storage

Wooden storage units are too heavy and bulky; keep your kids’ stuffed friends on this hammock-inspired piece. It doesn’t need building, and it’s very easy to take down if you don’t want it anymore. Just stick it in a corner, so your little darling’s animal buddies can have a place to be kept in when playtime’s over.

From The Better Nester

Stuffed Animal Swing

Another fun option for keeping your kids’ stuffed animals is this charming swing. Not only does it keep the chaos of messy stuffed animals away, it gives your kid’s room an adorable cozy look. They can even have fun helping with its construction.

From It’s Always Autumn

Hanging Bed Organizer

The bed is often times a place of disorder with its ruffled blankets, displaced pillows, those extra bits of toys and the story books read from the night before. Organize them, but keep them really close with these pockets you can literally just hang bedside.

From Sew Mama Sew

Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Instead of expensive bookshelves or time consuming DIYs for keeping books arranged in one place, just buy rain gutters from your local hardware shop, and install them into your wall. This very simple complication-free project can be done in less than an hour, and it certainly looks fancier than a lot of the store-bought shelves out there.

From Restoration Beauty

Storage Bench with IKEA Shelf

Being able to keep things is fine, but having storage units for purposes other than what they’re made for saves space and contributes to the room’s look. Much like this revamped IKEA shelf, you can use it as a bench and as a small reading space. You can even style it anyway you want.

From Refresh Living

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