Kid-Friendly Indoor Garden Projects

Gardening is no longer just and outside-the-house activity. When stuck indoors, you and your kids can still do this relaxing but fun project using old containers, pots and planters. Get them excited with these indoor gardening ideas. It’s not only a great introduction to nature and science, it’s also a chance to see how life grows.

Grow beans from small cups

Beans are a wonderful gardening starter. They can grow even without soil, and they’re easy to plant. Plus, you don’t need huge containers to raise them.

Here’s what you need:
dry beans ( you can use kidney beans, lima beans, dwarf French beans, dwarf runner beans etc.)
plastic cups
potting soil
water spray bottle
plastic platter

1. Soak the dry beans overnight. If they remain dry after planting, they won’t grow.
2. With scissors, puncture 4 holes into each cup. These will drain excess water away keeping the inside of the cups from being too wet.
3. Fill 3/4th of each cup with potting soil. You can get already mixed soil from your local garden center. If not, mix equal parts sterile topsoil, builder’s sand and compost.
4. Plant 2 beans per cup. Place the beans deep inside, and cover any exposed bean with soil.
5. Moisten the soil with the water spray bottle.
6. Lastly, put the plastic cups on the platter. This will catch the extra water that exits the through the drains. Place them near a window or any corner with direct exposure to sunlight.

Raise herbs

Fresh from bean planting, let your kids try their hands on growing herbs. Most of these plants are shrubs, so they don’t become too tall to stay on the windowsill. Plus, they will go great with your kitchen, not just aesthetically but gastronomically as well.

Here’s what you need:
plastic/clay pots or any medium sized container
rotary tool
potting soil
herb seeds (you can have dill, cilantro, chives, basil, parsley, oregano or thyme)
water bottle spray
planter saucers or old plates

1. If you’re not using pots, puncture about 6 holes into each container using a rotary tool.
2. Pour potting soil into the containers.
3. With your hands, lightly dig about a few inches into the soil of each cointainer.
4. Plant the herb seeds, and cover them with more soil. Parsley thrives best in moist soil while thyme and sage live healthy with something that’s only slightly moist.
5. Spray water into the containers, and place each one on top of its planter saucer or on a used plate to catch the excess water.
6. Position each container near windowsills because herbs need a lot of sunshine.

Build a terrarium

Go all out with indoor gardening! Get your kids started on a mini nature park with this terrarium project. This is amazing because it needs a tad less maintenance compared to an aquarium, and it makes any room look more refreshing.

Here’s what you need:
marble sized rocks or pebbles
glass container of any size (this can be an old aquarium glass, a pickle jar, a cookie jar etc.)
activated charcoal
potting soil
small plants (like ferns, starfish plant, golden clubmoss)
small terrarium decorations (like small plastic house, bridge and animals)

1. Make a layer of rocks at the bottom of the glass container. These rocks will help stop plants from water-logging.
2. Add a layer of charcoal that’s ½ inch thick. This layer prevents fungi from growing and killing your plants.
3. Have the last layer with potting soil. Pour it into the container until it becomes half-full.
4. Begin planting. Arrange the plants to your liking. Remember to avoid overplanting. Too much plants in one terrarium smoothers them. And, don’t mix plants that belong to different environments. If you have some cacti, they should only go with other plants that don’t need too much water. Don’t group them with plants like ferns.
5. Lay out some moss, and pat down the soil.
Arrange the decorations.
6. Finally, sprinkle the plants with water, and place the terrarium where it doesn’t come in contact with too much sunlight.

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