Crafty Homemade Chalk Ideas for Your Kids

Playing outside the house has always been a favorite for our kids. For the younger ones, it’s best they stick to the driveway. How do you keep them entertained though? With chalk, you can! They’ll burn through hours with just pieces of colorful sticks. But, we’re breaking away from conventional ones. We’ve gathered 3 pretty interesting DIY ideas that are beyond store-bought chalk.

Glowing Chalk

Blacklight makes neon colors look mesmerizing! Use it to light up your kids chalky creations and turn their drawings into glowing ectoplasmic entities. This glowing chalk idea from Growing a Jeweled Rose is something you won’t want to miss for both summer and Halloween!

What you’ll need:
nontoxic yellow highlighters
deep bowl
yellow sidewalk chalk

1. Open the back of the highlighter, and pull out the felt that’s been soaked with ink.
2. Put the bowl in the sink, right underneath the faucet.
3. While running a small stream of tap water, squeeze out the contents of the highlighter’s felt. Make sure the bowl catches everything underneath. The by-product of this process is the glowing water.
4. After squeezing all the ink out, close the tap, and take the bowl from the sink.
Throw in the sidewalk chalks into the bowl. Let them soak for several days before letting your kids use them.

Sidewalk Chalk Pops

Chalk gets messy when you hold them! But, these popsicle shaped ones from Project Nursery are ingenious little creations that stop your kids from scraping their knuckles on the pavement and getting too dusty from their hours of fun doodle time. A word to the wise, don’t dump Plaster of Paris down the drain because they’ll clog the pipes and cause all kinds of problems!

What you’ll need:
silicone popsicle mold
wood craft sticks
plastic cups
measuring cups
neon tempera paint
plastic spoons
Plaster of Paris
plastic platter

1. Count how many sections your mold has. The number of sections equal to the number of craft sticks, plastic cups and spoons. You can also do one color for each mold section.
2. Cut the sticks 3 inches short.
3. Take the plastic cups. With your measuring cup, fill each one with 1/3 cup of water.
4. Put 2 tablespoons of a different tempera paint for each plastic cup.
5. With one plastic spoon for every cup, stir the water and paint well.
6. Add 2/3 cups of Plaster of Paris into every cup. Stir the individual solutions until they have the consistency of yogurt.
7. Pour one cup into one section of the popsicle mold.
8. Tap the mold to get the air bubbles out. And, wait for 2 minutes for the plaster to set. Then, poke each mold section with the craft stick.
9. Put the mold somewhere near a window for an hour.
10. Carefully, remove each chalk from the mold.
11. Put the chalk pops on a plastic platter. Leave them near the window for 24 hours for the plaster to fully cure before using.

Chalk Paint

Homemade chalk is great, but did you know you can turn them into liquid? Into paint? This recipe from Nurture Store gives you a whole new angle to sidewalk chalks and how they can be painted on boards and into frame-worthy art from your kids.

large sidewalk chalk

1. Grate the chalk into the bowl.
2. Add some water; start with a few drops.
3. Stir the chalk and water together with a spoon.
4. Continue steps 2 and 3 until you get the consistency that you want.
5. It dries fast, so avoid wasting anything by only making batches that your kids can use completely.

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