Special Clay Recipes You Should Try at Home

The wonderful world of anything homemade expands from stuffed animals, to clothes, to slimes and now, to clay – special clay, to be more specific. We’re featuring 3 unique and useful clay recipes your kids can enjoy playing with as well as for doing other things with them. So, if you want to occupy your little sculptor’s time for a while, make one of these!

Edible Chocolate Clay

Homemade edible toys are pretty rare. Why, this article wouldn’t be complete without one! That’s why we’re starting off with this crafty creation from Maqaroon, a recipe which features an all-time fave, chocolate!

You’ll need:
1 cup chocolate or candy melts
1 tablespoon honey or liquid glucose
water (optional)

1. Break the chocolate into small pieces.
2. Fill a mug or a cup with the chocolate bits, and place it into a pot with shallow water. The water should, at most, reach half of the mug’s height, unable to touch its rims.
3. Over low heat, gently melt the chocolate.
4. Stir until it’s completely soft and liquefied.
5. Remove the mug. Let the chocolate cool down a little bit. Give it about 5 minutes or so.
6. Add the honey. If you’re using glucose, combine it first with water until you reach the honey’s consistency.
7. Mix until it thickens into something like a cookie dough, and let it cool once more.
8. You can now let your kids play with the chocolate clay. Don’t worry if it hardens. Chocolate melts at body temperature, so it’ll soften when played it.

Marshmallow Soap Clay

There are plenty of soap clay tutorials out there, but none is quite like this one. Cute Life Hacks, Maqaroon’s sister channel, has a version that’s totally fluffier and lighter. It’s NOT EDIBLE, but it’s easier to mold into whatever shapes your kids want to make.

You’ll need:
1 tablespoon marshmallow fluff
2 tablespoons liquid soap or shower gel
food coloring

1. Combine the marshmallow fluff and liquid soap in a small bowl.
2. Add the cornstarch until it becomes thick and soft enough to be handled.
3. To get different colors, add a few drops of food color. Knead the soap clay until the color has been spread evenly.
4. It can now be used to shape animals and other different figures. The clay hardens overnight, but it holds its shape after being used in the bath.

Candy Clay

Another edible clay recipe, from Clay-It-Now.com, makes use of different candy flavors instead of just chocolate! The clay hardens like gum paste, so you can use them as cupcake toppers and cake decorations.

You’ll need:
1/3 cup soft margarine
1/3 cup light corn syrup
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon flavoring
600 g caster sugar or powdered sugar
food coloring

1. Combine the margarine, corn syrup, salt and flavoring in a medium sized bowl.
2. Add the sugar, and mix the candy dough using your hands.
3. Knead it until if softens.
4. You may add more sugar gradually to get the consistency that you want.
5. For color variations, separate the candy clay into different clumps, and put a few drops of different food coloring to each clump. You can also combine clumps to get other colors.
6. The clay can now be used to play with. Just make sure to place a long sheet of wax paper on the table where your kids are playing with it to avoid damaging your furniture.

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