6 Pretty Picture Frames Made from Things You Usually Throw Away

You know what they say: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” But there’s no rule that says you can’t be both men.

There are some DIY projects your kids love doing, but a lot of them end up being useless afterwards. You’d throw them afterwards which is wasteful and just not healthy for the environment. So to work on something more eco-friendly and more productive, let your kids try their little hands on recycling things you’d most likely toss away as trash. These projects won’t just be doing Mother Nature a favor, they’d help develop your kids’ fine motor skills in making stuff with their hands.

Using candy wrappers

No matter where they’re from, kids have one thing in common. They all love candy. And, no matter what brand they belong to, candies also have one thing in common: wrappers.

So instead of throwing those wrappers away, use them for this recycled photo frame project. Their colorful labels and glossy look on a frame are sure to catch anyone’s eye.

From Craft ‘n Coffee

Using eggshells

Okay. It does sound ridiculous. But, here us out! Eggshells have been used in Asian countries for decorative purposes for generations. They’re washed, dried and broken into tiny pieces to fit frames of all shapes and sizes. Some designers even stick them into walls. So don’t throw those Easter eggshells away, especially when you can turn them into a showy living room piece.

From Momtastic

Using broken crayons

If you know anything about kids, you know they leave broken pieces of anything anywhere around the house. Crayons are the usual suspects though. But, don’t introduce them to the garbage bin just yet. Crayons are very colorful and can be malleable when molded into any shape. You can also just arrange them to fit into an old picture frame to give it a brand new look.

From Taylor This

Using toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper rolls are the dark horses of the crafting universe. You’d think nothing of them, but they have so many uses that they can turn into just about anything. One of those ‘anythings’ is a photo frame that mimics the shiny porcelain or plaster-made ones you can see inside shops. But unlike them, these toilet paper roll frames are feather light and more flexible. Make some with your kids to match any room in your house!

From Canon Brand Insider

Using old magazines

Relying projects treat old magazines like it’s the Holy Grail. They can transform into sculptures, notebook covers, wrappers, wall decors and now, picture frames. This project involves rolling up little sheets of magazine pages to fit into a cardboard frame – a perfect time to get your kids’ fine motor skills active and buzzling.

From DIY Inspired

Using bottle caps

If you’ve ever found yourself cleaning a ton of bottle caps in the kitchen, collect them and turn them into wonderful works of art. Use your family’s soda and beer habit to good use with this bottle cap photo frame that you can do in just minutes. Bottle caps are lightweight and sturdy, so don’t be surprised they’ll last longer than the picture they’ll be framing!

From Megan’s Blog

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