Easy No-Bake Munchkin Recipe from Old Biscuits

The world is so much better with no-bake goodies in it. Enter the Munchkin. With biscuits, coconut and chocolate, what’s not to love about this adorable little snack? You can make it anytime without needing to fire up your oven, without needing to fire up anything in your kitchen! And if you’re careful about your children’s sugary cravings but don’t want to completely deprive them, give them these soft chocolatey treats. They’re really decadent, but they come in small helpings.

biscuits or graham crackers
condensed milk
chocolate bar
desiccated coconut

2 bowls
mortar and pestle
wax paper
cookie platter

1. Break the biscuits or crackers into small pieces. Place them in a medium sized bowl.
2. Pulverize the biscuit pieces as best as you can using the mortar and pestle.
3. Transfer the pulverized biscuit into another bowl.
4. Add the condensed milk. Start with 1/4 cup. You can always add more if you want your munchkins to be sweeter.
5. Mix the two ingredients until you reach a dough-like consistency. It has to be soft but sturdy enough to hold a shape. Set aside.
6. Put a wax paper on the platter. Place it next to the bowl with the munchkin mixture.
7. Shape the mixture into little balls, and place them on the platter.
8. Shred the chocolate bar using a grater. Catch the chocolate bits by reusing the empty bowl that you once filled with the broken biscuits pieces.
9. Pour the desiccated coconut into the bowl, and mix.
10. Roll each munchkin on the chocolate-desiccated coconut mixture. Place it back on the platter.
11. Chill the munchkins before serving.


  • You can add water if the munchkin gets too much condensed milk.
  • Some stores sell already crushed graham crackers, so you won’t have to do any pounding.
  • You can also use chocolate flavored biscuits!
  • Aside from desiccated coconuts, you can also use powdered sugar to coat your munchkins.
  • Munchkins can be a cute dessert topper.
  • You can add fillings inside each Munchkin like M&Ms and marshmallows.

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